Since 2007, Brad Newsham has hosted nearly a dozen human banner events in the Bay Area (photos at “Past Actions” link above), attracting people of every age, color, and persuasion. No speeches, no marches — just everyday people using their bodies to make a powerful statement — with a helicopter overhead to record their message. Now Brad has joined up with seasoned organizers Andrew Boyd and John Sellers of The Other 98% for a human banner decrying the corruption of our democracy by corporate money: DUMP CITIZENS UNITED! October 13, 2012 at Ocean Beach, San Francisco. Be part of the fun. Sign up today. Bring your friends.

The Other 98% was founded on the premise that our economy and democracy should work for everyday Americans, not the elite 2% of bankers, CEOs and lobbyists who’ve hijacked our democracy and rigged the system to serve themselves. It’s the middle class that’s too big to fail, and we’re using creative tactics—both online and off—to, well, rally ourselves to our own cause. We’ve grown into a netroots community with over 220,000 facebook followers. We are everywhere. And we are hopeful. Join us.

The October 13 event is a collaboration between Brad and The Other 98%, with support from CREDO Mobile, Code Pink, Common Cause, Courage Campaign, Democrats.com,  Move to Amend, Public Citizen, Roots Action, Ruckus Society, and unPAC.org.

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  1. [...] This event was organized by a Brad Newsham, Andrew Boyd and John Sellers. They have a website humanbannersf. This event was a “a collaboration between Brad and The Other 98%, with support from CREDO [...]